Tamara Patzer Interviews

Tamara Patzer is an International Best Selling Author and Radio Show Producer. She created Blue Ocean Authority and helps authors become best-selling authors and helps them leverage every interview they do with Blue Ocean Authority. She is also known as the Authority Banker because she helps YOU find your digital assets and turn them into GOLD, which means more influence, impact and income. Feel free to ask.
Please state your business in the notes.These audio interviews are recorded via Skype: TAPFLORIDA is Skype ID. Ask for TELEPHONE number for RECORDED CALL, if needed. Be prepared for your interview. Arrive about 5 minutes before. You will receive preparation materials prior to the interview. Click on any time to make a booking. Note: Eastern Time is the default time zone for me. Please convert to your timezone, so you are not late for appointment. You can create your own Blue Ocean with Tamara Patzer.